Just released: NSX-T 2.5

Last night, the new release of NSX-T, now Version 2.5, dropped.
There are quite a few updates in this release, below I will highlight some of the major ones, but before coming to these, please keep in mind to double check the Upgrade Checklist first.
The Checklist can be found here:

Now, here are the Highlights:

  • L2 Networking Features: Increase NSX MTU size to 9100 bytes, MTU/VLAN health-check, Guest Inter-VLAN routing
  • L3 Networking Features: Tier-1 placement in based on Failure Domain, BGP Enhancements, DHCP Relay on CSP, Bulk API for NAT Rules
  • IPv6: Routing/Forwarding and Security features
  • Edge Platform support for Mellanox ConnectX-4 & ConnectX-4 LX on Bare metal Edge Nodes
  • Firewall Features: L7 AppID support on KVM, Edge Firewall, FQDN & URL filtering Enhancements, IDFW enhancements to support Windows AD 2016
  • Service Insertion Features: Support Packet Copy, Per Host SVM Deployment, Partner Notification support for N-S Service Insertion
  • End Point Protection: Linux support
  • Load Balancing Features: Logging Enhancements, Health-check Enhancements, SSL enhancement to support ECC
  • VPN Features: IPSec VPN on Tier-1 Gateway, ECC support, easy configuration of compliance suite
  • Automation, CMP & Openstack Features: Openstack support for Steins and Rocky, Policy API for Neutron and additional openstack enhancements
  • NSX Cloud Features: Native Cloud Enforced mode of operation, visibility and security for cloud native services
  • Operations Enhancements : vSphere HA support for NSX Manager, SNMPv3 support, logging enhancements
  • Platform Features: FIPS certified, enhancements to password management
  • NSX Intelligence: Analytics platform for visibility and security

The full release Notes can be found here:

The Download can be found here:

I will try to tinker with it myself in the homelab, as soon as I get the chance – I’ll keep you posted 🙂

Happy upgrading!

Last but not least: Thanks to the BU and everyone involved in this release.

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